We are VClean

We like when it’s clean around

Our company is your one stop solution for all cleaning needs. There is no doubt that we are the leaders and you don’t have to worry about our image because it is perfect.

Regardless of where you start - whether it is in the master bathroom or the kitchen, the results would probably be the same, a pretty clean house.

Why VClean

- VClean does a lot more than merely keep your facility clean. We offer a full range of services designed and implemented to meet your commercial needs, while also keeping intact our strict janitorial and facility management guidelines. Our professional, uniformed employees are carefully chosen and fully trained in all aspects of the industry.Recruiting and selecting employees with the competencies associated with successful performance will result in a better job fit.

We reduce cost, complaints, variation and/or your environmental footprint whatever your reduction goals are. While maintaining high reliability and responsiveness, we use the proven Lean Sigma approach to find meaningful reductions. We seek to reduce DOWNTIME in our janitorial operations which include:

  • Defects in the service that add cost
  • Over-cleaning that exceeds required standards
  • Waiting in the cleaning process
  • Non-utilization of cleaners in production improvements
  • Transporting cleaners,equipment and products
  • Inventory of unnecessary products and equipment
  • Motion in cleaners flow and ergonomics that wastes time
  • Excess Expectations compared to cleaning scope

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